Code Quality Basics - What Is Code Coverage?

In this article, we find out what code coverage is, and how we keep track of it.

Code Quality Basics - What Is Code Duplication?

Having minimum code duplication is one of the Four Principles of Simple Design. In this article, we look at why we should worry about code duplication, and what are the best practices to follow to reduce it.

Code Quality Basics - What Is Legacy Code?

If you are working in a large software application or project, you will hear the term **legacy code** quite a lot. What does this term mean, and how can you avoid legacy code?

Code Quality Basics - What Is Readability Of Code?

One activity that you be doing a lot as a programmer, is reading code. That's where the concept of readability comes into the picture. How do you ensure that code written in a project is easily understandable?

Code Quality Basics - What Is Technical Debt?

As you make enhancements to your source code, how do you ensure that you are adhering to all the standards? Is there a way to measure how good your projects is? What is Technical Debt?

Code Quality Basics - Best Practices in Static Code Analysis with SonarQube

Static code analysis is a great approach to check for code quality. There are a variety of static code analysis tools available to check for coding standard violations in your code. In this article, let's get introduced to static code analysis, different tool you have and also the limitations of static code analysis.

Code Review Best Practices

Code Review is one of the most important components in ensuring great Code Quality in your projects. How do you ensure that code reviews in your projects yield expected results?

Introduction To Coding Standards with Java examples

Having the right coding standards is an important starting point to having great code. What are coding standards? How do you ensure that you are following the best practices around coding standards?

Introduction To Code Quality

In this article, we discuss code quality and why you should have great code quality.

Code Quality Basics - Five Important Coding Standards

In this article, we talk about the five most important coding standards that I would recommend all developers to follow.