Introduction to Spring Data - Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST and MongoDB

Spring Data's mission is to provide a familiar and consistent, Spring-based programming model for data access. In this tutorial, we will explore the different interfaces provided by Spring Data. We will take a quick peek into Spring Data JPA and Spring Data for MongoDB.

Introduction to Spring Data Rest - Create RESTful APIs at F1 Speed

Learn to create RESTful Services with Spring Data Rest and Spring Boot. We will create a JPA Project connecting to H2 (in memory database) and add Spring Data JPA Rest Starter to expose API.

Connecting Spring Boot with databases - MySQL and Oracle

Learn how to connect a Spring Boot application with relational databases like Oracle and MySQL. Learn how to setup a database schema for them and also what to configure in application configuration.

Spring Boot and H2 in memory database - Why, What and How?

Learn how to connect a Spring Boot application to H2 in memory database. Understand why in memory databases are needed and the best practices in using them with Spring Boot.

Spring Boot and iBatis with H2 - A Tutorial

Learn using Spring Boot Starter myBatis to connect Spring Boot to H2 (in memory database) using Object Mapping Framework - myBatis (iBatis).

Integrating Hibernate and JPA with Spring Boot

Learn using Spring Boot Starter JPA to connect Spring Boot to H2 (in memory database) using Hibernate/JPA. You will learn the basics of JPA and Hibernate - Entities and Keys. We will create a simple repository extending JPARepository and explore different methods it exposes.

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JSP Servlets Tutorial for Beginners - Build Java Web Application in 25 Steps

In this course, you will learn the basics developing a Basic Todo Management Application using Java Servlets and JSP with Login and Logout functionalities.

Spring Boot, Maven and Eclipse Errors and TroubleShooting Guide and FAQ

Troubleshoot your Spring, Spring Boot, Maven and Eclipse issues using this guide from in28Minutes.