About Us

  • At in28Minutes, we ask ourselves one question everyday. How do we create more effective trainings?
  • We use Problem-Solution based Step-By-Step Hands-on Approach With Practical, Real World Application Examples.
  • 50,000 Students on Udemy and 30,000 Subscribers on Youtube are proofs about the success of our approach.
  • While our primary expertise is on Development, Design & Architecture Java & Related Frameworks (Spring, Struts, Hibernate) we are expanding into the front-end world (Bootstrap, JQuery, Angular JS).

Our Beliefs

  • Best Course are interactive and fun.
  • Foundations for building high quality applications are best laid down while learning.

Our Approach

  • Problem Solution based Step by Step Hands-on Learning
  • Practical, Real World Application Examples.
  • We use 80-20 Rule. We discuss 20% things used 80% of time in depth. We touch upon other things briefly equipping you with enough knowledge to find out more on your own.
  • We will be developing a demo application in the course, which could be reused in your projects, saving hours of your effort.
  • All the code is available on Github, for most steps.

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